Is the cure simple?

Yes it requires you to give your dog two particular supplements everyday

Is the cure cheap?

The cost of the supplements for a 25 pound dog is about  33 cents a day for one supplement and 10 cents a day for the other.

How much do vets charge to treat tracheal collapse?

Veterinarians have no idea how to treat this awful disease and will try to get you to authorize barbaric and expensive operations on your sweet pooch such as placing stents or rings  inside your dogs trachea! And charge you $3500 to $6500!  AND cause your dog much suffering!

How do I find out about the cure?

Send Jeff an email at and he will provide you with his book on the topic in the form of a pdf file . He will also be available for email consult during your dog’s treatment.

Will this work for cats?

while tracheal collapse is rare in cats, it will probably work for them too.