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Sunscreen Use Linked to Vitamin D Deficiency

By Jeff T. Bowles | January 13, 2018

  You always hear people say to put on sunscreen when outside to prevent skin cancer. While the use of…

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Vitamin D for Seasonal Affective Disorder

By Jeff T. Bowles | December 21, 2017

  It’s the winter season again. Most of us are affected by the change in seasons – we feel more…

Vitamin D Male Infertility

Male Infertility: Vitamin D Can Improve Pregnancy Success

By Vitamin D Council | December 15, 2017

Due to the safety of vitamin D supplementation, along with its proven impact on reproductive health among both men and women, the Vitamin D Council recommends supplementing with 5,000-10,000 IU (125- 250 mcg) vitamin D3 per day in order to maintain optimal vitamin D status (40-60 ng/ml; 100-150 nmol/l).

Can You Get Vitamin D From Indoor Tanning?

By Jeff T. Bowles | December 2, 2017

The sun is the best natural source of vitamin D during summer. But what happens during the winter season? How…

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Vitamin D deficiency is highly prevalent among Moroccan women

By Vitamin D Council | November 26, 2017

Vitamin D deficiency is highly prevalent among Moroccan women due to clothes and lack of sun

Vitamin D

Can Vitamin D Cure Your Acne?

By Jeff T. Bowles | November 24, 2017

  You’ve been suffering from acne for quite some time now. When you search the net on how to cure…

Acne Vitamin D


By Vitamin D Council | November 19, 2017

Furthermore, there is evidence that vitamin D supplements, if given in physiological doses, has a remarkable treatment effect on acne. The first (and highest quality) study published on this was in 1938 by Dr. Maynard; you can access the entire paper here:

Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D Deficiency and Rheumatoid Arthritis

By Jeff T. Bowles | November 17, 2017

  An estimated 70 percent of children and adult population in the U.S. are deficient in vitamin D. The deficiency…

Link between Vitamin D deficiency and anxiety

Link Between Vitamin D Deficiency And Anxiety

By Jeff T. Bowles | November 12, 2017

  What Is Anxiety? Anxiety is now an increasing concern throughout the world. It is something that every person may…

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Anti-aging breakthrough could extend healthspan by making old cells young again

By Rich Hardy | November 8, 2017

A new study reveals a novel technique that can make old cells act young and could help extend a person’s…