Vitamin D3 cures Wegener's Disease

High-Dose D3 might be the first effective treatment for Wegener’s Disease

By Jeff T. Bowles | January 23, 2016

  Wegener’s disease (Wegener’s disease is an autoimmune disorder where the body attacks the veins and arteries going to and…

Vitamin D3 cures blindness

High-Dose D3 has cured blindness in one eye caused by thrombosis, helps endometriosis, eliminates need for thyroid medication T3

By Jeff T. Bowles | January 22, 2016

  Here is a recent email received from a Vitamin D3 enthusiast in Austria: >High-Dose D3 has cured blindness in…

Vitamin D3 cures ulcerative colitis

A Cardiac Surgeon discusses how he cured his Ulcerative Colitis of 10 years with high-dose D3 while all the Big Pharma drugs did not work

By Jeff T. Bowles | January 12, 2016

  Here is a recent email exchange between me and a cardiac surgeon from Italy who cured his ulcerative colitis…

How to Save Big on Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements ….

By Jeff T. Bowles | November 9, 2014

  A reader, Doug Malewicki, who’s 75 years old, an inventor and more, has created this table below to show the savings.…

Calluses and Vit. D3

Perfectly Smooth Heels Like A Child’s, Without Calluses

By Jeff T. Bowles | April 13, 2014

  For years I always wore flip flop sandals in the summer, and by the end of the summer I…

Powers of Vitamin K2

The Powers of Vitamin K2 w/ Dr. Kate Rhéaume-Bleue & Dave Asprey – Bulletproof Executive Radio

By Jeff T. Bowles | March 27, 2014

  Dr. Kate Rhéaume-Bleue is author of the #1 book on K2. Dave Asprey is founder of and well…

Vitamin D3

Is There Something Sinister Behind The Big Pharma/Medical Community’s Exaggerated Fear Of The Dangers Of High-Dose Vitamin D3?

By Jeff T. Bowles | December 3, 2013

  I have never been a person who easily accepted or even considered conspiracy theories. In fact my whole life…

You Are Responsible for Your Health

You Are Responsible for Your Health

By Jeff T. Bowles | November 26, 2013

  You can’t rely totally on the doctors alone for your health because you know the nation today is worse…