It Appears that High-Dose D3 Therapy Can Cure Uterine Fibroids and Endometriosis and Possibly Eliminate the Need for Hysterectomies!!!


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Very Powerful Information…, March 13, 2017
By Zo-On

This review is from: The Miraculous Results Of Extremely High Doses Of The Sunshine Hormone Vitamin D3 My Experiment With Huge Doses Of D3 From 25,000 To 50,000 To 100,000 IU A Day Over A 1-Year Period (Paperback)

The information contained in this book is very power. Not because I read it, but because it actually helped me! I had a large fibroid tumor and the doctors (received 2 opinions) recommended surgery to remove my entire uterus. Well guess what? After remaining on a high-dosage of vitamin D3 with the proper K2, magnesium, zinc and calcium balance – and of course, changing my diet, my last MRI showed that the tumor is now in necrosis status. What’s ironic is that my doctor at Emory in Atlanta dropped me because I refused to have the surgery. My response? Deuces! If there were a law against them doing such a thing to me, I would have sued them.



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